All You Need BBL Bundle
$ 174.99

The all you need Bbl and lipo bundle has everything you need for your post op recovery . Our Exclusive BBL  pillow is a must have to protect your bbl ! 


All you need lipo and bbl bundle has everything you need after your plastic surgery procedure this bundle includes the following items :

- BBL PILLOW that will elevate your butt when sitting , with this Bbl pillow you are not adding direct compression to the newly injected fat cells in the buttocks so the chances of you maximizing fat survival is high.

- Belly Button Shaper, The Belly Button Shaper is a medical grade silicone umbilical sphere shaper used post abdominoplasty (tummy tuck), Liposuction, bariatric surgery and/or umbilical hernia repair. This helps reduce scarring and shaping round appearance of the naval. (ONLY 1 BELLY BUTTON PLUG INCLUDED)

- ARNICA , Arnica is a natural ointment  that will help with bruising and swelling this cream works amazing on bruises and whirl your therapist is doing your massages , massaging you with this cream will help diminish swelling significantly.

- 3 LIPO FOAMS ,These medical grade Lipo foams help in adding compression and preventing faja creases #1 doctors recommend lipo foams.

-LUMBAR FOAM ,  Wearing this Lumbar Foam  inside liposuction compression garments will ensure recovery success of a BBL (Brazilian Butt Lift), back liposuction or lipo procedure. Prevents fluid build up and creates arch.

- AB BOARD  , The abdominal compression board is used for flattening abdominal skin after liposuction. Avoid having your skin lumpy and bumpy after a cosmetic procedure. Using a compression board  gives you higher compression in addition to the garment you choose. It is also perfect for everyday use.