Anal-Ese Numbing Anal Cream
$ 16.99

Anal-Ese is a numbing anal cream.  This cream makes it easier to relax for anal play with toys or partners.  It slightly numbs the anal sphincter and allows less uncomfortable penetration.  It slightly dampens sensitivity of your nerves.  You will feel everything but not as intensely.

This cream uses Benzocaine to numb the surface area.

Ingredients: Benzocaine USP 7.5%. Inactive ingredients: FD&C Red 40, FD&C Yellow 5, Flavor, Glycerin PEG 6, PEG 8, PEG 32, PEG 75, Sodium Saccharin


Use and Care

Apply Anal-Ese by lightly rubbing a finger-tip sized dab in and around your sphincter ring. The cream starts working within 5-10 minutes. Start off slowly with some gentle teasing before inserting a finger to see how your partner responds. They might need another application if they’re more sensitive than average.

  • Lightly rub a small dab in and around the anal area about 5-10 minutes in advance
  • If extra sensitive, add another application
  • Edible BUT not recommended for oral- It will numb your mouth
  • Discontinue use if any irritation occurs