Belly Button Shaper
$ 19.99

Silicone medical grade belly button shaper ! Keeps your belly button round and cute after a tummy tuck or lipo .

Medical grade belly button shaper cone 

 Designed with an anatomical cone-shape, high durability.  Surgical tape purchase is recommended with the faja/compression garment, and abdominal board to hold Naval Shaper in place.     

Assist in shaping the belly button after Lipo tummy tuck or Lipo 

Position the bracing at the navel site, placing the thinnest part of the product into the belly button. Put the compression garment or faja indicated for use in abdominoplasty. Do not use Belly Button Shaper if you are allergic to silicone. The product can be used 24 hours a day. Its use after 7 days postoperative. Abdominoplasty patients must wait until after 2 weeks when the incision has closed. Use according to medical advice.