Calexotics Venus Micro Butterly
Calexotics Venus Micro Butterly Calexotics Venus Micro Butterly
$ 39.99
This compact vibrator is held firmly in place with convenient adjustable straps. This means you can use the vibrator without actually even touching it, as it is operated by a wired remote control. Simply slip that into your pocket and you’re good to go! The vibrator is equally convenient for hands-free orgasms when you’re naked in the bedroom too! The vibrator is complete with fluttering antennae for stimulation and features an interactive speed control for a heart-fluttering orgasm. The vibrator is incredibly powerful and allows you to control your own pleasure strength orgasm. It is also small and will fit inside your panties without being noticeable. We recommend using the vibrator alongside one of our water-based lubricants for instant gratification.