Calexotics Waterproof Venis Penis
$ 39.99
Enjoy all the godly delights with the Waterproof Venus Penis™ Stimulator. This sex toy is a vibrator-like no other. It has several functions that will ensure you can let your Venus AND your fire, be your desire. Plus it offers an added bonus for anal sex exploration! The dildo is a vibrating, soft penis stimulator with a butterfly clitoral stimulator and pliable anal beads, so you’re getting extreme levels of stimulation to go alongside your multiple orgasms. The head of the penis vibrates to stimulate every nerve, both inside and out. The power pack allows for seven speeds of vibration, so you can maximize or minimize the intensity of your orgasm as you see fit. The penis of the strap-on comes in at a comfortable 2.5 inches long, perfect for beginner adult toy users. The innovative butterfly shape at the base vibrates and features further stimulators in the form of the butterfly’s wings and antennae for the most mind-blowing sex of your life. The tail is actually a set of anal beads that can be inserted into the anus for even more pleasure! We recommend using the Waterproof Venus Penis™ Stimulator with a long-lasting water-based lubricant for added enjoyment.