Candy Ass Lollipop
Candy Ass Lollipop Candy Ass Lollipop
$ 4.99

It's the Mai Tai flavored CANDY ASS Lusty Licker Sucker !!

What a better way to get a "lick" in than on these tasty Mai Tai flavored Candy Ass Sucker Pops that make a perfect addition to Bachelor & Bachelorette Parties, or just any Guys or Girls Night Out.

The Candy Ass Mai Tai Suckers make a hilarious gag gift to add to gift bags or baskets for any adult style party and make an even better Adult Style Halloween candy treat!!

Each Mai Tai Lusty Licker Candy Ass has 160 calories with Zero grams of Fat, so these make a great sweet treat!!

  They measure about 6" in total length including the stick - and the candy ass portion is about 2.5" x 2.5"

Sold individually.  Comes in two flavors - This one Mai Tai and another in Butter Rum!!