Gold Lion Liquid Shot
Gold Lion Liquid Shot Gold Lion Liquid Shot Gold Lion Liquid Shot
$ 12.99

Gold Lion Liquid Shot.  Don’t miss your shot to roar in the bedroom!  This liquid shot delivers all of the power of the Gold Lion Male Enhancement Pill in convenient liquid form.  Its effects last up to 72 hours!

The king of the jungle is also the king of the bedroom!  Gold Lion delivers all night long with no midway letdowns!  Experience your ultimate length, girth and stamina!  Do you want more powerful orgasms, greater size and sensation?  Than this all natural formula will deliver all that plus make you harder than you’ve ever been before!  Be the lover you’ve always wanted to be!  Be in control and last and last!

Features :
• Fast-acting and long-lasting.
• Supports energy, endurance and strength.
• Minimizes premature ejaculation.
• Supports intense, explosive orgasms.

Directions for Use:  Drink 1/2 of bottle for moderate energy. Drink the whole bottle at once for maximum energy. Do not exceed more than one bottle every six hours. Use or discard any unused shot within 72 hours after opening. Refrigeration not necessary. prior to sexual activity.

Gold Lion Male Enhancement 2 Oz Liquid Shot 5000mg


Shake Well Before Use

Fast Acting & Long Lasting

Last up to 72 hours!