Kamasutra Warming Arouse Intensifying Gel
$ 16.99

Ever find that your mind is turned on before your body is physically turned on and ready for sex? Help your body catch up to your mind in seconds with Kama Sutra’s Arouse Intensifying Gel. A clitoral gel for her that enhances sexual pleasure with an exciting Warming sensation.

  • Intensify Pleasure - Experience heightened pleasure and intensified orgasms with this unique gel. Its unique warming sensation creates a dynamic and pleasurable experience that allows you to explore new sensations. With regular use, it can provide you and your partner with an extra layer of enjoyment, heightening pleasure and intensifying orgasmic sensations. Maximize pleasure with this one-of-a-kind gel.
  • Natural Lubrication - Enhancing natural lubrication allows for increased comfort and pleasure during intimate moments. You will experience sensations closer to natural arousal while enjoying a greater sense of control and confidence. This feature is especially beneficial for those who have difficulty naturally lubricating or wish to reduce friction. It allows for a more enjoyable and fulfilling experience.
  • Heightened Sensations - Feel heightened sensations and experience increased arousal with this warming gel. You can enjoy the pleasure and thrill of intensified pleasure during your intimate moment. With heightened sensation and arousal at your fingertips, you can truly savor the experience and make it more satisfying than ever. Use it to add a new level of pleasure to your intimate encounters.
  • Intensify Intimacy - Experience intensified pleasure with increased blood flow and sensitivity. A heightened experience allows for more pleasure and a better overall experience. This is especially useful during intimate moments, when it matters the most. Increased blood flow and sensitivity can offer not only a more enjoyable feeling but can contribute to better physical and emotional health.
  • Warming Sensation - Feel a gentle warmth caress your delicate private area and increase the pleasure experienced. This warming sensation allows you to enjoy more intense sensations, while still remaining sensitive and responsive. The warming added pleasure is ideal for use during intimate moments with your partner, or when enjoying moments of pleasure on your own. Enjoy the added pleasure this provides.