Pink Privates Intimate Area Lightning cream
Pink Privates Intimate Area Lightning cream Pink Privates Intimate Area Lightning cream
$ 44.99

Perfect for use on the anal, vaginal, penis, scrotum, and arm pit areas. Vaginal Bleaching. Warnings: For external use only. Over application will not increase results. Keep out of eyes and ears. If you have sensitive skin, test in a small area in the underarm before using on all of your intimate areas.

1 fl. oz

Pink Privates is a skin whitening cream that is specially formulated to lighten the color of our skin, especially sensitive intimate areas.

Through the use of this cream, users are supposed to get discolored areas of the skin to lighten and blend with the rest of our skin’s overall appearance.

Intimate and sensitive areas include the outer skin of the vagina, penis, anal area, nipples, scrotum, and underarms.

Pink Privates is proud to be using only safe and natural whitening components that will not harm the skin in the bleaching process.

It does not contain harsh ingredients like hydroquinone, mercury, or steroids. These ingredients cause discomfort and sometimes even a burning sensation.

Side effects were reported when using products that contain these harsh chemicals. Even cancer has been linked to Hydroquinone and we all do not want the risk that just having whiter-looking privates.

The formula that created the Pink Privates formula is paraben-free and uses the latest skin whitening and brightening ingredients.