Reloj de Arena Strapless BBL Faja Stage 2
Reloj de Arena Strapless BBL Faja Stage 2 Reloj de Arena Strapless BBL Faja Stage 2
$ 145.00

Strapless Hourglass Girdle 

  • Being strapless makes this girdle ideal for every occasion, even for post-surgical recovery (only if your procedure was not on upper back, arms and thighs).
  • Removable straps
  • Shapes and reduces sizes in abdomen, waist, and back. Enhances buttocks.
  • Defines your derrière amazingly.
  • Corrects your posture and maximizes your curves naturally.
  • Conceals flaccidity and firms up your skin after going through an aesthetic procedure.
  • Helps to keep your abdominoplasty or c-section wounds safe.
  • After having a liposuction, wearing a girdle is essential to keep the shape and get permanent results. Plus, it helps you drain liquids and accelerate your recovery.
  • Romance Boutique Secrets  cares for you and the hormonal changes your body goes through. In order to make your girdle more functional, it has 3 levels of adjustment.
  • Wearing your girdle constantly (3-6 months) gives you permanent results. You can combine it with a waist trainer for best results.
  • Made with highly resistant materials, but also soft and comfortable.
  • The seams in the back are specially designed to give you increased support.
  • Designed with focus on shaping your buttocks, making them look lifted, bigger and firmer.
  • Uncovered chest allows you to wear your favorite bra.