SCANDAL Bullwhip
$ 26.99
  • EXPLORE YOUR WILD SIDE: CalExotic’s Scandal Whip has a luxurious hand-stitched brocade handle and powerful tassel tipped whip for the ultimate in S&M pleasure experience; Embrace the thin line between pleasure and pain with every touch of this sexy whip
  • WICKEDLY THRILLING: Then dive deep into your next thrilling fantasy with the breathtaking embrace of the naughty tassels; Leave yourself at the mercy of your lover’s erotic whims and embrace sensational submission with every biting whip
  • LUXURIOUS HANDLE: No matter how you like it, the sturdy, hand-stitched handle lets you take control; Grab ahold of the indulgent brocade fabric handle and explore your dominant side with each stinging lash of the sensationally thrilling whip
  • HIGH-QUALITY MATERIALS: The leather-like whip our elegant toy is made from soft PVC plastic with a bold red and black brocade patterned polyester handle; Each whip has an overall length of 41” (104,25 cm) with a 3 pronged tipped end
  • CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Use this delightful whip safely and regularly spray handle and leather-like tassel with CalExotic’s Universal Antibacterial Toy Spray, taking care to not whip fully