Lipo Gel
Lipo Gel Lipo Gel
$ 39.99
  • Heat activated gel 500gr that helps burn fat. Should be used at night or with exercise.

Nighttime or workout reduction gel that is perfect for use on the back of the legs and booty to help:

  • Fresher Skin
  • Smoother Skin
  • Reduction of the cellulitis
  • This hot gel, active and favors the circulation
  • Reduce the fatty weave located that is accumulated under the skin, having molded the silhouette and helping to reduce of size.
  • Its hot effect favors the perspiration and elimination of fat and toxins, avoiding and diminishing the cellulitis.
  • With the increase of the circulation, we will obtain a transformation of the fat for to be easier eliminated during the workout.
  • Gives a better appearance to the skin toning up it , giving firmness and causing that the silhouette sharpens, and the skin will have a hydrated and smooth appearance.
  • Helps to prevent the accumulation of water in superficial weaves and stimulate the elimination of the accumulated fat.


  • 1
    Apply with your hands and Massage with our body contouring massager
    prior bedtime.
  • 2
    Massage a tablespoon amount of Gel  onto your entire midsection (only half a tablespoon for arms, glutes, and thighs) in a vigorous circular motion until gel is fully absorbed.
  • 3
    Alternate with our Firming Gel during the day to accelerate your results.