Wet ELITE water silicone lube 1 oz
$ 9.99

High-End Water Silicone Blend Lubricant
Experience the feeling of the most Elite Lubricant on the market. With Wet Elite, we have perfected our hybrid formula to provide you with a lube that combines the best qualities from both water and silicone. Just like our silicone based formula, our hybrid provides you with long lasting durability. You won’t have to worry about reapplying Wet Elite as it has enough endurance to match you. Not only will you experience long lasting pleasure, but an exquisite feel as well. We combine that silicone with our water formula, so you and yours can enjoy the silky feel of a water based lube. This hybrid formula captures everything you love about Wet Platinum and Wet Original and marries them together for a one of kind experience. You’ll be in special company when you use Wet Elite.