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20 Sex Toy Essentials That Every Woman Needs

From magic wands to enchanting eggs and everything in between, we’ve curated a list of the best sex toys for women that we’d consider absolute essentials for reaching the highest of heights in female pleasure.


Whether you're looking for your first vibrator or are looking for something
new to put in your toy box, we understand that the huge range and variety of vibes on offer can be a tad overwhelming when you're not sure
what you're looking for. If you're not sure what you want, then take a
moment to consider the following

Romance Boutique Secrets  invites you to take a closer look at the most important relationship you have - your relationship with yourself.

Yes, we’re talking about the tantalising world of self-pleasure or solo play as it’s otherwise known. Regardless of whether you’re having regular eyes-rolling-to-the-back-of-you-head sex with your significant other, there’s nothing to say you shouldn’t be exploring your erogenous zones all by yourself.

In fact, we have it on good authority that not only is masturbation an essential component of having a fulfilled sex life but, according to doctors, touching yourself intimately can have a positive impact on both your mental and physical health. Sounds like it’s time to get shopping then, right?

Every adult toy brings something different to the table. So we hope you have an insatiable appetite. In fact, if sexual pleasure was a cake - you might have one delicious slice of discretion, one sweet slice of sublime clitoral stimulation and a tempting wedge of toe-curling texture with sprinkles on top. Find out what makes up your perfect cake with the help of this article.

Then have and eat it!

With hundreds of sex toys to chose here at Romance Boutique Secrets  there couldn’t be a better time to explore your desires.


 20 Best Sex Toys for Women At A Glance

    1. Best Clitoral Sucker: The Rose Clitoral Suction Stimulator
    2. Best Beginners Bullet Vibrator: Bang! 28X Swirled Silicone Egg 
    3. Best Wand Massager: Mini Halo Wand 
    4. Best Shower-Friendly Dildo: Maia Kendal Silicone Dildo 
    5. Best Nipple Play Sex Toy: Nipple Play Silicone Pro Nipple Suckers 
    6. Best Dual Stimulation Vibrator: Jack Rabbit Signature Thrusting Vibrator 
    7. Best Anal Beads: Satisfyer Love Beads
    8. Best Glass Dildo: Icicles Veined Glass Dildo No 62
    9. Best Butt plug: 21X Silicone Butt Plug W/Remote 
    10. Best Panty Vibrator: We-Vibe Moxie Wearable Clitoral Panty Vibrator 
    11. Best Pelvic Training Toy: Wellness Kegel Training Kit
    12. Most Attractive Sex Toy: High On Love  Remote Controlled Vibrating Egg
    13. Best Hands-Free Vibrator: Maia Max USB Rechargeable Silicone Thrusting Portable Love Machine 
    14. Best Ride-On Sex Toy: Lust Remote Control Dual Rider 
    15. Best Couples Vibrator: We-Vibe Chorus App and Remote Control Couple's Vibrator
    16. Best Lube: Sliquid Spark Vegan Stimulating Lubricant 
    17. Best Bondage Sex Toy: Strict Thigh Sling With Wrist Cuffs 
    18. Best Long Distance Sex Toy: Lovense Lush
    19. Most Flexible Dildo: Wonder Vibes 7X Bendable Silicone Rabbit Vibrator 
    20. Best Realistic Sex Toy: Skintastic Series So Vein 7.5 Dildo 




The Rose Clitoral Suction Stimulator

Best Clitoral Sucker

Treat your clitoris to some TLC and experience the powerful vibrations of this petite and discrete clitoral stimulation Rosebud. Ten thigh trembling vibration patterns are packed into this perfectly portable stimulator designed to mimic oral sex and its palm-sized form makes it a master of discretion, ideal for travelling with.


Bang! 28X Swirl Silicone Egg


 Bang! 28X Swirled Silicone Egg 

Best Beginners Bullet Vibrator

If you’re just dipping your toe in the pool of sex toys this bullet vibe will help you explore your body and what you like. before you expand your collection. The holy grail of women's adult toys, bullet vibrators are a staple. Ideal for beginners with a perfectly discreet and compact design this sex toy also offers versatility for experimentation with couple's play making it a strong contender for the best vibrator on the market.


Mini Halo Wand


 Mini Halo Wand 

Best Wand Massager

You simply can’t go wrong with a classic wand massager. This sleek LELO personal massager brings a new meaning to the term magic wand and will elevate your solo play to new heights. Delivering an incredible eight massage patterns and eight vibration modes at different speeds , the pleasure combinations of this wand vibrator are endless.


Maia Kendall Silicone Dildo

Maia Kendal Silicone Dildo

Best Shower-Friendly Dildo

In the market for a versatile dildo? This semi-realistic 6-inch silicone dildo is harness compatible and features a suction cup ideal for hands-free fun. Boasting a waterproof design and a curved shaft, this satisfying dildo is crafted to reach your inner sweet spots even in the shower or bathtub.


 Nipple Play Silicone Pro Nipple Suckers 

Best Nipple Play Sex Toy

If you treat yourself to just one new item off this list, let it be these pleasure-inducing nipple teasers. A stylish and simple addition to any sex toy collection, these tempting suckers heighten your sensitivity and are incredible for anyone who enjoys centring their pleasure around nipple play.

Calexotics Jack Rabbit Signature Vibrator



Jack Rabbit Signature Thrusting Vibrator 

Best Dual Stimulation Vibrator

Looking to double your pleasure? Look no further than this beautifully crafted bestseller rabbit vibrator. Dripping in luxury, Soraya’s ultra-soft, silky silicone form provides incredible dual stimulation of the clitoris and g-spot thanks to its thick rounded tip and highly flexible, ergonomically designed clitoral vibrator. With an impressive twelve vibration patterns, it really does offer the best of both worlds - what more could a girl ask for?



Satisfyer Love Beads

Best Anal Beads

Searching for a gentle way to ease yourself into anal play? This set of Satisfyer anal beads is crafted of the highest standard, body-safe silicone and is perfect for anyone curious about the delights of backdoor stimulation. Ideal for beginners, these anal beads feature a soft and graduated design in either spherical or diamond form making them perfect for anal training. Extremely flexible and with an ergonomic design to adapt to the contours of your body for comfortable insertion, simply slather in water-based lube and indulge in this new avenue of ecstasy.

Icicles No 62 Veined Glass Dildo


Icicles Veined Glass Dildo No 62

Best Glass Dildo

Arguably the sleekest and most seductive of all sex toys, glass dildos combine the best of form and function with their elegant design and textured panels. Lined with beautifully textured nodes and nubs, this double-ended dildo offers pleasure your way with a choice of the smooth tapered tip or bulbous double orbs on the other end for a glorious filling sensation. What’s more, this dildo can be warmed with warm water or cooled down in the fridge making it excellent for temperature play.

21x Silicone Butt Plug With Remote


21X Silicone Butt Plug W/Remote 

Best Butt Plug

This waterproof ultra soft butt plug is a sweet juicy treat for your cheeks. Featuring a removable bullet vibrator this butt plug is essentially a two in one toy offering seven succulent pleasure settings for your behind.

We Vibe Moxie Wearable Clitoral Vibrator


We-Vibe Moxie Wearable Clitoral Panty Vibrator 

Best Panty Vibrator

Take your intimate play outside the bedroom with this wearable remote control panty vibrator. Delivering powerful vibrations to your most intimate erogenous zones, this sensual massager brings pleasure in a compact and wearable form that’s perfect for kinky hands-free stimulation with the included remote control. Relinquish control to your significant other and succumb to the indulgent stimulation of its whisper-quiet vibrations.

Wellness Kegel Training Kit


Wellness Kegel Training Kit

Best Pelvic Training Toy

Designed for ultimate internal stimulation and pelvic floor toning, these uniquely designed love balls offer a new indulgent avenue of pleasure. Explore the latest sexual wellness trend and experience both enhanced clitoral sensitivity and mind-blowing orgasms thanks to the two removable weighted beads.

High On Love Stimulating Orgasm Oil and Pavé Grace Clitoral Vibrator Set


High On Love  Remote Controlled Vibrating Egg

Most Attractive Sex Toy

Tantalise yourself or your partner to climax with this premium vibrating love egg with remote. Featuring 5 powerful vibration settings at variable intensity levels and whisper-quiet operation, this adult toy is perfect for self-pleasure as well as couples play, with wireless remote control operation for all sorts of naughty surprises!

Maia Max USB Rechargable Silicone Thrusting Portable Love Machine


Maia Max USB Rechargeable Silicone Thrusting Portable Love Machine 

Best Hands-Free Vibrator

 Enjoy This Bad Boy Hands Free !

The Maia Novelties Max is our remote-control deep thrusting vaginal or anal use vibrator. Max provides 10 powerful functions of vibration and includes a thrusting feature with 1.5 inches of thrust, that allows for deep, penetrating thrusting action.

Max is easily operated by itself or with the included remote control. Max is coated with 100% body safe Silicone and is submersible for wet time thrusting as well. Max includes a removeable suction cup base and a USB Charging cable.

Lust Remote Control Dual Rider


Lust Remote Control Dual Rider 

Best Ride-On Sex Toy

Fancy yourself as a cowgirl? Hop on for the ride of your life and experience the world’s first dual stimulation, ride-on  vibrator . Effortlessly straddle your beautiful Ruby Glow for external vulva and perineum massage sure to make you blush with excitement. Two powerful independent motors work in tandem to deliver deep rumbling vibrations that send waves of pleasure throughout your body, so saddle up and hold on tight!

We Vibe Chorus Couples Vibrator


We-Vibe Chorus App and Remote Control Couple's Vibrator

Best Couples Vibrator

Whether you and your partner are miles apart or you’re joined at the hip the We-Vibe Chorus can help foster feelings of intimacy, bringing the two of you closer together. This couples vibrator is the perfect way to spice things up in the bedroom or bathtub as it is 100% waterproof! Discover incredible clitoral and g-spot stimulation and explore all ten different vibration modes for an unrivalled experience with your lover. Shaped out of super-soft silicone and curved to fit perfectly against the contours of your body, its intuitive squeeze remote allows you to adjust the vibration modes and intensity, speeding up the harder you squeeze.


Sliquid Spark Vegan Stimulating Lubricant16/20 

Sliquid Spark Vegan Stimulating Lubricant 

Best Lube

Unfailingly smooth in just about any erotic situation and adding tons of extra sensation wherever it lands, Sliquid's Spark is a top choice for slick, always-slippery pleasure - anal or otherwise! 

Containing only the highest grade silicone with a hit of mint, this ultra long-lasting lube is perfect for water play, anal exploration, massage and beyond. Nice and thin for easy-spreading application, Spark goes on cool and warms with touch, breath and friction. A healthier choice for mindful lube users, all Sliquid lubes are free of DEA, gluten, glycerine, glycerol, parabens, PEG and a long list of other potentially irritating or harmful ingredients. 
4.2 fl. oz
Strict Thigh Sling With Wrist Cuffs


Strict Thigh Sling With Wrist Cuffs 

Best Bondage Sex Toy

  • This highly adjustable bondage sling will create a darkly seductive atmosphere for you and your lover to enjoy
  • Adjust the back strap to bring their wrists up or down their back
  • Bring their knees up to their chest with the thigh strap to leave them completely vulnerable and exposed
  • The padded cuffs will keep them comfortable through the long hours of your pleasing, teasing, and tormenting
  • Heavy-duty restraints. Locks not included.
Lovense Lush 3

18/20  Lovense Lush

Best Long Distance Sex Toy:

Long-Distance Play

No matter the distance, sync your toys together to feel the same sensations or have long-distance play through chat or video. Designed to fit perfectly against the curvature of your body, this love egg stays in place with your every move, offering incredible internal massage of your erogenous spots and external stimulation of your clitoris. Wonder Vibes 7X Bendable Silicone Rabbit Vibrator

19/20 Wonder Vibes 7X Bendable Silicone Rabbit Vibrator 

Most Flexible Dildo

Praised for its versatility, Wonder Vibes 7X Bendable Rabbit is the dildo for all. We have unique bodies, with just as unique pleasure points, and this bendable rabbit  adjusts to fit them all, whether they're tucked away, deep inside or just notoriously hard to reach. With its ability to bend and hold a variety of shapes and angles, this sex toy takes the guesswork out of what toy to use for each kind of stimulation. Simply bend it for an extreme g-spot or p-spot curve and bend it back when you want a straight shaft.

Skintastic Series So Vein 7.5'' Dildo

20/20  Skintastic Series So Vein 7.5 Dildo 

Best Realistic Sex Toy

Skintastic So Vein feels so incredible that you will swear you are touching and experiencing the real thing!

The Skintastic series is made of life like material and designed with amazing detail. It features textured balls, a soft interior with a firm interior, and

Suction cup base allows for harness compatibility.

Insertable length: 7.5"


Put simply, if you’re not experimenting with solo play and elevating your masturbation game with sex toys, you’re seriously missing out. Whether it’s as part of your self-care and wellness routine, you’re in a long-distance relationship or you’re seeking something to spice up your foreplay, sex toys are an incredible way to unlock your wildest fantasies and desires.

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