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1st, 2nd, and 3rd Stage Recovery

Following a cosmetic procedure it is not unusual to have to wear post operative compression garments. These garments come in a wide variety of sizes and styles to accommodate all types of cosmetic procedures. The type of surgery that you undergo will determine which post operative compression garments you will need to use.

For Example, The most common type of Liposuction procedure is called tumescent liposuction. This is where surgical fluid is pumped into the body to help loosen the fat cells, making it easier for your cosmetic surgeon to remove them from your body.

First Stage Compression Garments

After the surgery the fluid needs to be expelled and the surgeon won't be able to get all of it during the surgical process. Some of it will need to be drained out afterwards. This period of time is known as the “First Stage” of post-operative recovery and compression garments help with that process. After a cosmetic procedure there is some amount of swelling and bruising and post-surgical garments can help with these issues as well. This is where the open drainage process comes in and why the use of the post-operative compression garments is so effective. If the fluid from a tumescent process is left in the body it will increase the problems of bruising and swelling.

With an open drainage process using the post-op compression garments you are able to squeeze this fluid out of the body. Most of this is done within the first 24 hours of the surgery and this will increase the healing time. The more fluid that can be drained the less bruising and swelling you will have to deal with, and therefore, you will have a shorter healing time as well.

Post-surgery compression garments and drainage tubes are not the only things that you need to be aware of. Keep in mind that with the drainage tubes in place, fluid will be coming out of these tubes. Many patients forget this part of the process, but there will be a need for keeping things clean, sterile, and as dry as possible.

First stage compression garments are worn for 4-6 weeks immediately after surgery .


Second Stage Compression Garments

Stage 2 Long Leg Girdle with Sleeves

 After some time, and once the drainage has ceased after your procedure, you need to stop wearing the first stage garments (for maximum recovery begin wearing a second stage garment as soon as you are finished with the first stage garment) this allows your body to return to using its normal lymphatic functioning. When the lymphatic system is functioning properly it will naturally flush the body of excess fluid and reduce swelling.

Second stage compression garments are worn for about 3-6 months post-op. 

Third Stage (Everyday Wear)


The third stage of recovery is about maintaining an overall look and feel that is desired by the patient. Everyday wear is commonly used by patients who wish to obtain their most desired look. Shapewear is another term used for third stage garments. 

Everyday wear can and should be fashionable. Men and women often wear undergarments that compress unwanted bulging of skin, or fat areas of the body. . Everyday wear is becoming more and more of a household clothing accessory especially for women who just had a C-section, tummy tuck, or other plastic surgery procedure. Talk to your doctor about 1st, 2nd, and 3rd stage garments before your next procedure date. To ensure you get the right size and quality garment it is suggested that you don’t wait til the last minute to order your garment.

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Following the 1,2,3, stage of wearing compression garments assures that you get the best results for your body and your well-being.

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